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Real Estate Plus Commercial and Industrial currently manages over 45 Strata Complexes ranging in size from 2 units to 38, both residential and commercial. We have very experienced Strata Managers in Perth who strive to provide professional guidance to reduce complications and increase efficiency with management of a Strata Company. We aim to provide the best strata management in Perth, across the northern and southern suburbs and metro area of WA.


Real Estate Plus Commercial and Industrial welcomes the opportunity to provide a Strata Company Management submission for your consideration.


The motivation and professional services which Real Estate Plus Commercial and Industrial offer are unmatched.

Strata Company Management is a very specialised field within the real estate industry, and Real Estate Plus Commercial and Industrial ensure that your strata company assets will be managed by staff who are fully qualified in this area.


Real Estate Plus Commercial and Industrial will always take a pro-active approach and will recognise works that will improve the presentation, efficiency and operation of your complex.


Managing strata titled property requires a comprehensive understanding of the Strata Titles Act 1985, the amendments to the Act that came into effect on May 1st 2020 and an ability to interpret and apply the Act with expertise.


The strata company records will be professionally maintained, and information provided to owners will be comprehensive and informative.  Accounting records will be accurately compiled and presented annually or upon request.


We are aware of the repercussions of a poorly set up and neglected Strata Company.  Such lack of professional service and lack of maintenance to the property impacts on the administration of strata matters, the deterioration of the value of the property, and can result in complications, misunderstandings and problems detrimental to the proprietors within a strata scheme and the owners’ most valuable asset, their property.


A poorly managed strata company affects the overall operation and presentation of a strata scheme, and thus the value of each strata titled property within the scheme.


The Strata Company Managers at Real Estate Plus Commercial and Industrial wish to ensure that the value of the asset is maintained, and the owners are guided by experts in this field; it is therefore prudent to appoint a Strata Manager with extensive experience in all aspects of both property and strata management matters.


What we can do for your Strata Company:


  • Invoice quarterly levies
  • Receipt levies
  • Manage arrears
  • Arrange maintenance and repairs to the common property
  • Organise insurance for the common property
  • Make insurance claims as needed
  • Pay creditors
  • Prepare financial statements
  • Prepare budgets
  • Organise and chair Annual General Meetings
  • Organise and chair Extraordinary General Meetings (as required)
  • Liaise with Council of Owners
  • Conduct routine inspections of strata complexes


We can ensure that you and your fellow owners are compliant with the Strata Titles ACT and up coming changes to the ACT. 


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We have provided  some information to assist you, based on the frequently asked questions regarding Strata and Strata Management.


You can see the Strata FAQ’s here


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